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The Rules of Engagement

I'm a big believer in expectation setting and understanding the rules before I commit to something. I need to understand why I'm doing something, what expectations I have of myself, what expectations others have of me, and what the ground rules are. Before I committed to starting this blog, I created my rules of Engagement:

WHY do I want to start a blog?

1. Improve my writing.

2. Hold myself accountable to writing

3. Remain connected and open with myself and others.

4. Add meaning to my education and exploration of thoughts and subjects.

5. Personal growth.

6. Discipline myself.

7. Organize my thoughts around what I learn from others. Perhaps help others.

8. Find my tribe.

9. Serve as an example to my daughters of just showing up and doing the thing! Willingness to start something new that I don't know how to do, raw and unrehearsed.

WHAT are my rules for content creation?

1. No positioning or trying to brand

2. Just be me

3. Progress--not perfection

4. No filters

5. It's ok to have bad days and share those too

6. Stories about others must be positive

7. Humility and honesty

8. No preaching. After all, I'm still the student.

9. No Selling or focus around monetizing

10. Authenticity and vulnerability aren't just brand buzz words. They are a state of deep truth.

What is the blog about?

Anything and everything! In keeping with rules #1 and #2 about content creation, this blog isn't an attempt to be a finely curated brand or category. It's just random musings of a Gemini Twin with a yin and a yang, often conflicted emotions and interests (I love spreadsheets and data as much as meditation and manifestation). Musings of a mom, wife, yogi, writer, Realtor, business owner, investor, exercise enthusiast, Podcast junkie, lover of the the ocean and sunsets, and eternal student of life. I'm going to embrace the messiness because the conflict of the Yin and Yang is what is uniquely me. I gotta let me be me! But the underlying DNA that will be imprinted all over this blog is my passionate pursuit of growth and learning.


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