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Just Start

Just start! Progress over perfection. I'm learning I can't wait until I'm ready to start or I will never start anything. I feel like the last couple years have been marked by me preparing, studying. I've been studying life, philosophy, myself, exploring the joy of learning new things and allowing myself to go down rabbit holes. Buddhism. Writing. Real estate syndications and investing. Coaching. Podcasts. Biohacking. Optimization. I've enjoyed my "pressure-free" time of learning, but I've also been hiding out, doing my own thing and quietly staying in my own lane. I haven't shared much or taken big risks in vulnerability outside of my bubble.

What if I become willing to share my voice and share the projects I have been working on? That's the question Seth Godin inspired me to ask after spending an entire weekend consuming every piece of Seth Godin material I could squeeze into a 48 hour research deep-dive (At the time, I thought I was researching marketing best practices; but I walked away inspired to start this blog). Seth is all about sharing your story, your personal brand. NOT about doing it for the money, but doing from a generous space of adding value to the conversation. Even with writing a book, he asked "why?" So many people aspire to write a book, but Why? Are you doing it for the money or for the accolades and recognition? Or are you doing it to leave a lasting mark and encourage change?

Seth suggests starting by writing 5,000 blog posts before you ever even consider a book. I tend to agree with Seth's philosophy. Just put yourself out there in a genuine way, with generosity, and seek to impact the smallest viable audience initially. But just start. That's how we make progress. Today, everyone seems to be a self-proclaimed guru or life coach. Maybe they really do have it figured out, or maybe they are still just working through their own growth game. What I do know is that I respond best to people who are giving it their all -- their best self -- and showing massive growth and improvement through mistakes, vulnerabilities, and all. That's what I intend to produce with this blog.

So just start and keep going. Say yes to opportunities. And when I start to hide, I'm ready to call myself out and get back into life. I will put myself out there to grow and learn, contribute to conversations. I want to put myself in the arena of possibilities. How will I ever see all the possibilities if I'm hiding out and not engaged. It's time to come out of hiding and just be me, but for others to see, if they choose.

Attracting and influencing aren't my concerns. Directing an audience to me isn't my objective or role. I believe in the power of the Universe to create the right connections in my life; bring me together with other people whom I'm meant to learn from or help. And maybe my words will resonate for someone else, but the true lessons from writing are mine to learn. So here's to Seth Godin, the inspiration behind this blog (entry #1 of 5,000!)


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