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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

WWMGD?? -- What kind of a name is that for a blog?

"WWMGD (What would Melissa Galli do?)" This has become a joke amongst my team at work. "WWMGD"? While my ego would love to believe I have obtained some grand wisdom making me worthy of the WWMGD label, the truth is there usually isn't ONE right answer to tough questions. There's only the truth within each of us that's right for us. And that truth isn't always obvious to us. It's often necessary for me to pivot and reorient myself on my journey.

That's what this blog (ok, maybe more of a journal) is about. It's just my process of learning and finding out more about my truth -- about finding my answers so that I always know the answer to WWMGD.

Read more about My Rules of Engagement for this blog.

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